Our agency organizes Exceptional Transports, including the most articulated and specific ones. The constant link with partners in Europe and worldwide allows our agency to monitor real-time status of shipments, thus ensuring our customers precise times of delivery.

Albass agency embarks every kind of means to and from Albania through Frittelli Maritime Group – Shipping Agency – International Freight Forwarding Bonded Warehouse Terminal Operator.

Partners & Customers :  General Cargo Terminal (Trieste), Frittelli Maritime Group (Ancona), Pelikan Agency (Durazzo), Rrugia Transport, Veizi Transport, VlagoTrans, Dyrrahsped Agency (Durazzo), Cesped Trasporti e Spedizioni, Carretta e Faccio corriere Nazionale e Internazionale, Scholz Umzuge Mobelspedizion (Germania), Bendix Transport Danmark (Danimarca), Mercuri SH.P.K, Planet SH.P.K. , Valtellina SH.P.K, Insifa SH.P.K.

Thanks to these and other collaborations our company has become a reality known in Europe for professionalism and efficiency.

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