Shipping, forwarding, warehouse & Logistic Agency – Trieste-Albania and Europe


Your goods in safe hands.

Albass is a Shipping and Transport Agency based in Trieste, that deals with shipping and transport for third parties both in Italy and abroad. It is the only one agency that can offer a complete and customizable service thanks to the investment made for the qualification of its personnel and the construction of modern and functional structures where these services are realized.

If you want to expand your business in the Balkans and develop your trade in Albania, our company is a safe solution and a guarantee of transparency.

Specifically, Albass is one of the few agencies that serve the traffic with Albania and have an equipped stock in a private location within the Port of Trieste, with the support of another office with a specialized team in Durres (Albania) and with all the necessary technical equipment for the realization of all the services.
Thanks to our bonded warehouse situated within the Free Port New Port of Trieste, we offer logistics services and storage of goods.

Albass is especially customs shipments: provides any service of customs clearance in export, transit and import.


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