Albass has qualified personnel able to solve any kind of logistic problems, having all the authorizations and documents suitable to move around in the field.

When you need to withdraw a pallet, two pallets ten pallets or even more,in any place in Europe, please contact the agency Albass without hesitation, because there you will find the solutions for your problems and the answers to your questions.

The agency Albass in a relative short time, is able to pick up your goods everywhere and hold them in its warehouse for the time of stopping. Albass closes any customs clearances, solves the problems and with the same pace it loads your goods on trucks to get them to destination.

Our agency organizes Exceptional Transports, including the most articulated and specific ones. The constant link with partners in Europe and worldwide allows our agency to monitor real-time status of shipments, thus ensuring our customers precise times of delivery.


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